Visit Organ Stop Pizza near Chanderl homes and Mesa real estate.The Organ Stop Pizza is a unique and fun visit complete with a pizza parlor, a historical pipe organ, and a gift shop. Have an unforgettable night out near Chandler homes, enjoying delicious pizza, pasta, sandwiches, or deserts while listening to the main attraction, the Wurlitzer organ.

The Wurlitzer organ is the largest in the world. This unique feature is a point of pride for Mesa real estate owners. It was originally built in 1927 for the Denver Theatre and used regularly until 1930. The production of sound movies drove it out of popularity. The Great Depression made it difficult to afford. Tragedy struck when a fire destroyed its ability to produce sound. In 1975 it was rebuilt and expanded, going from 15 sets of pipes to 23. Over the next 20 years it was continually expanded. In 1995, a new location for Organ Stop Pizza opened with the Wurlitzer you see today. The organ has expanded to twice its original size! Professional organ players and fans marvel at its grandeur. Be one of the thousands of visitors to see this unique instrument and experience the beautiful music it produces.

Enjoy great food while listening to mighty organ music you won’t hear anywhere else. This is a landmark that Mesa real estate owners are proud of. It stands for the history of this fine establishment. Visit to learn more.